Sealy Engineering provides routine services for the Oconee, McGuire, and Catawba Nuclear Stations, including:


  • Super Trend Database Analysis validation

  • MOV calculations: PPM, GL 89-10 setup calculations, GL 96-05 updates, IN 92-18 impact

  • Calculation development and checking (new valve and actuator designs)

  • Analysis and Trending of diagnostics test data (AOVs and MOVs) using a variety of sensors for gate, globe, and butterfly valves

  • Sensitivity calculations: QSS, c-clamp with TCF, etc.

  • Verification of design basis calculations through test data feedback; trending to identify valve degradation in design basis capabilities

  • Design and setup requirements for new GL 89-10 valves

  • 24-month fuel cycle PM reviews

  • EQ Requirements review and update for license extension

  • Mentoring other engineers

  • Program assessments

  • Preparation of test plans including: maintenance and modifications, current torque data (Kalsi Torque Test bench data and other sources), transducer sensitivities, and special testing requirements

  • Technical (field) support for data acquisition and analysis

  • Support of Joint Owners Group (JOG) differential pressure testing and analysis

  • Data conversion (VOTES/MPM to VIPER) and archiving

  • Refueling outage preparation

  • Procedure development and review

  • Database development and maintenance