I have more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear power industry. A South Carolina native, I started with Duke Power in 1978 as a Draftsman. After rotating through various positions, I was reclassified to Engineer after completing my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.

As an Engineer at the Oconee Nuclear Station, where I performed a variety of engineering activities, including preparing licensee event reports, valve diagnostics, modifications, and technical support.

In 1998, I left Duke Power to found Sealy Engineering. Since then, the bulk of my work has come from engineering support during refueling outages at the Oconee, McGuire, and Catawba Nuclear Stations.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer in North and South Carolina. Each year, I undergo all the training requirements in order to maintain my PE license and to ensure I am up to speed on the latest regulations set forth by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

For a complete resume, click here (requires Acrobat Reader to load).


  • MOV and AOV setup, diagnostic, and evaluations

  • Trending and Analysis (Duke Energy’s Super Trend database)

  • GL 89-10 MOV setup calculations

  • EPRI Performance Prediction Methodology (PPM)

  • IN 92-18 MOV design review

  • VIPER valve diagnostics

  • Teledyne QSS strain gauges

  • Ultracheck SPT II

  • Kalsi Engineering Torque Test Bench testing

  • Joint Owners Group (JOG) testing

  • Keowee Emergency Power testing

  • 24-month fuel cycle PM reviews

  • EQ requirement review and update for license extensions

  • 10CFR50.59 screening and evaluation

  • Root cause evaluation

  • Modification development

  • Procedure writing

  • Computer programming (Visual Basic, Access, Excel)

  • Internet web page development and maintenance